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Recruitment – We excel at being different

Hudson’s expert HR consultants are different than any other recruitment agency in the world because we blend the knowledge we’ve gained from our years of experience with innovative assessment tools developed by our in-house Research and Development centre.

As an HR Professional or a company representative with recruitment needs, you might have seen the process below presented to you on numerous occasions. At Hudson we offer a professional and valid selection and recruitment process every time. At the same time we always provide that little extra something – not as ad-on’s but as an integrated part of our standard procedure:


  • Valid selection and screening tools:
    • Each short-listed candidate takes our ability test and is guaranteed double assessment to ensure objectivity and to secure the right technical and cultural fit for the client
  • Assessment Center:
    • Full-day assessment of all final candidates to make certain they are the right people for the company
  • Consultants who know the market and are specialists at filling difficult roles with unique skill sets

What does this mean for HR professionals? Quite simply, it means that you’ll be paired with an experienced recruitment consultant with a world of talent at their fingertips.

Contact Hudson and let’s talk about how we can help with your specialised recruitment efforts today.



Did you know?

Hudson is known for finding specialised candidates and filling hard-to-fill vacancies that require unique skills.

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